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Top 10 Healthy Sources of Protein For Any Diet.

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Here in this video, we go over 10 healthy sources of protein you can eat. We even cover healthy sources of protein for plant-based diets as well. Enjoy

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Skip the store-bought options and make your own healthy protein bars in your own kitchen

OTHER INGREDIENTS YOU CAN ADD TO HEALTHY PROTEIN BALLS: pure vanilla extract (recommended for adding flavor) ground cinnamon (my favorite) Himalayan or sea salt (cuts down on sweetness) almond flouror oat flour
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Good sources of protein include meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy, beans, soy foods, nuts and seeds

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but it’s important that you have a greater amount of plant-based protein per meal and/or mix different sources in order to maximize the protein synthesis response since these plant-based sources don’t stimulate protein synthesis as well as animal-based sources do... we all know that protein plays a major role in muscle growth.
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it’s vital that you also take into account the protein sources that you’re getting your protein from as you want to ensure they’re high quality protein sources.

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