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pH Test | ICPURE Alkaline Ionized Water VS Purified Water

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ICPURE presents pH test to differentiate between ICPURE Water and Purified/RO Water

In the past Decade diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Cardiac Arrest, Cancer have been ever increasing rapidly.

Do you know there are around 36,000 kind of diseases known on this planet and the root cause of 70% diseases is Gastritis and Acidosis.

To check the Acidity or Alkalinity of the water, we have used the pH solution which indicates the potential of Hydrogen in Water.

To read the pH level, we need to understand 1 simple thing.

Neutral pH level: 7.365 (Body pH Level)
But we can consider anything ranging pH 7 - pH 7.5 as Neutral

Any substance having pH level less than 7 is considered to be Acidic
The lesser the pH level the higher is the acidic component in the substance

Any substance having pH level more than 7 is considered to be Alkaline
The higher the pH level the higher is the alkaline component in the substance

Now it's your call if you want to invest in Wellness or illness

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