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LIVE Q and A with Lee Hayward - Muscle After 40 Blueprint

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LIVE Total Fitness Bodybuilding Q and A with Muscle Building, Fitness, and Fat Loss Coach Lee Hayward. If you'd like some help with building muscle, losing your gut, and getting back in shape. Join in for our live chat every FRIDAY afternoon at 4:00 pm EST

Here are the timestamps for all questions covered during our LIVE Chat...

03:40 – What motivates me to get my ass in the gym?

05:50 – How to "Start Again" with your gym workouts after coming back from the shut-down... Avoid the biggest mistakes most guys make when resuming gym workouts after a layoff.

06:57 – Suggestions for sample workouts you should do when going back to the gym:

Viewer Q & As:

12:19 – Do you have any tips on getting back into the gym?

12:37 – [Non-Fitness Comment] I hope you didn't go all fitness coach on your mother-in-law :-)

17:34 – Do you feel any difference when you use glutamine supplements?

19:43 – [Non-Fitness Q.] ​Thoughts on the new Toyota Supra?

20:06 – ​I am having difficulty squatting low bar due to tight left shoulder. Anything suggestions for what I can do? I find low bar easier on the knees.

24:44 – ​Do you have any tips for gaining weight?

30:22 – ​Have you ever had adrenal fatigue? I remember last year you told you used too much caffeine.

33:34 – ​Do you think 2x a week full body is enough for gaining a decent amount of muscle?

34:27 – [Viewer Comments: Discussed] ​I couldn't walk for four days after leg day.

35:32 – ​How much weight do you bench for reps? Are you a good bencher?

37:51 – If I keep doing 100 pull-ups, 100 dips, 100 pushups every other day for the past 2 months, can I go back to what I was used to doing in the gym? I feel like I have the same strength.

41:31 – ​Am I screwing up my gains by not getting enough sleep? I get 6 hours on average per night.

43:20 – ​What are your thoughts on HRT and have you ever used it?

46:39 – ​Is 38 years old too late to get into weight training?

48:26 – ​I want to start adding fish oil supplements to my regime. What's a good brand to look for?

51:37 – ​When I do dumbbell chest press, I always have my palms facing each other instead of the usual way. It feels more comfortable on the shoulders. Will I still get the same benefits pressing this way?

53:00 – ​What do you recommend for good body re-composition macro-nutrient ratio?

56:24 – ​Does wrapping the knees during heavy squats and heavy lifts help to preserve them?

58:02 – ​Do you think intermittent fasting is good?

59:40 – Do you like Jay Cutler and Evan Centopani?

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01:02:42 – I've recently released a Brand NEW e-Book – How I Went From "Fat" to "Ripped" After 40. What's it about and how you can get a copy for FREE!

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