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How to Make Barbecued Beef & Chicken with Baked Potatoes

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How to prepare grilled Beef and Chicken with baked potatoes and mixed vegetables in the
No matter what the temperature may be, you can all agree that it’s still great grilling. Grilling
isn’t just fun, but good for your health too. Some of the benefits of grilling are; you eat less fat
because the excess drips off the grates. It retains nutrients like riboflavin and thiamine which
play a vital role in a healthy diet, as well as have many health benefits associated with each of
one of them. It locks in more moisture, thus you are less inclined to reach out for the butter or
other condiments to jazz up your food resulting in fewer calories intake.
The act of grilling gets you outdoors. The act of cooking and eating outdoors encourages more
activity, which we all know is just an added health bonus to go along with your delicious lunch
or dinner.
We all love marinated beef, chicken and fish among others. The good news is that marinating
doesn’t just improve the taste of your food it actually improves your health. When meat is
cooked at high temperatures or cooked over charcoal, there are some concerns about cancer-
causing chemicals seeping into the meat but marinating however, helps eliminate these
chemicals by up to 99%.
Wrapping vegetables in foil and baking them is nutritionally advantageous than boiling or frying.
They retain more of their vitamins and minerals when they’re baked or grilled.

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