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Get rid of Bloating, Puffy eyes, Swollen Ankles with Lymphatic Drainage Massage using Microcurrent

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Sharon from Mi Skin clinic demonstrates how you can boost your immune system during cold and flu season, reduce any bloating, water retention or puffy eyes with Electrical Lymphatic Drainage (ELD) massage using microcurrent.

Our lymphatic system is part of your body's immune system and helps fight infection.
It helps remove of waste from the body’s cells so is our main system for cleansing and detoxifying our blood, kidneys and liver. It is part of our defense system protecting us from invasion of viruses, bacteria, or fungi infections. Our lymph nodes help filter out these destroyed microorganisms.

our Lymphatic system is not mechanically controlled by the body, unlike the heart which has its own pump ( the heart) and therefore has to rely on muscular movement, blood circulation and the nervous system, to keep it functioning.
ELD encourages the removal of waste and excess water retention so that your skin gets its nutrients more quickly and begins to look great. Benefits include; eliminates fluid retention & swelling , reduces puffy eyes , brightens under eye dark shadows, decongests sinus’s as well as gives you clearer skin & brighter eyes.

The lymph fluid in the lympatic system is a sticky liquid which can become very sluggish due to a variety of reasons, including lack of muscular movement, poor diet, disease and infections. A sluggish lymphatic system can lead to the body not eliminating its waste efficiently, causing a build-up, which shows as an edema or water retention.”

Electrical Lymphatic Drainage massage an be used as both a preventative and remedial technique to ease water retention bloating and headaches, as well as sinus congestion, ear problems and skin conditions and to boost your immune system to help fight infection
Even the healthiest and most active people can get partially blocked and sluggish Lymphatic systems.
Electro Lymphatic Treatment is up to 12 times more effective than manual Lymph massage as it heals at a deeper level without applying any pressure to the skin.

By cleaning your Lymph system, this improves your blood supply, which has a positive effect on every cell in your body and provides relief from an endless range of unrelated conditions.

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