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10 Out of This World Chocolate Bar Flavors You Need to Try

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List of the top 10 out of this world chocolate bar flavors you need to try today in America. A chocolate bar or candy bar is a confection in an oblong or rectangular form containing chocolate.
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Chocolate bars are a staple of the candy world. While many chocolate bars may seem rather basic, there are some out there that are trying to stand out from the crowd. Here are 10 crazy chocolate bars you should try right now in the USA!

Chocolate may also contain layerings or mixtures that include nuts, fruit, caramel, nougat, and wafers. If you enjoyed this video list of the top 10 incredible chocolate bar flavors you need to try today in the United States of America. Comment: #chocolate #candy #dessert

0:00 Intro for Crazy Chocolate Bars You Should Try Right Now
0:23 Compartes Chocolates Vegan Kale Dark Chocolate Bar
1:41 Vosges Matcha Green Tea and Spirulina Super Dark Chocolate Bar
3:04 Chuao Chocolatier Pop Corn Pop Bar
4:33 Divine 70% Dark Chocolate with Ginger and Orange
6:17 Compartés’ Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar
7:42 Marie Belle Cacao Market Rosemary Truffle Salt Bar
9:12 Alter Eco Deep Dark Quinoa Crunch
10:24 Éclat Chocolate Porcini & Thyme
11:36 Chocolove XOXOX Chillies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate
13:32 Dylan's Candy Bar Pizza Bar

- Compartes added some equally healthy ingredients to their dark chocolate bars like kale, pumpkin and sesame seeds.
- Vosges Matcha Green Tea and Spirulina Super Dark Chocolate Bar is above 70% dark chocolate.
- There's the Chuao Chocolatier Pop Corn Pop Bar, that combines the best of both worlds by creating a Frankenstein's monster of things you'd typically find at a movie theater.
- Like most high-percentage dark chocolates, Divine's bitterness is offset with something sweet which is, in this case, both ginger and orange, which have their own health benefits.
- Avocado toast, love it or hate it, it's all the rage these days. But if you fall on the "love it" side of that equation, boy have we got a chocolate bar for you!
- While most people are used to really only eating Rosemary when they're scarfing down sweet potatoes (or sweet potato fries) they might very well start ingesting more and more rosemary as the Marie Belle Cacao Market Rosemary Truffle Salt Bar has been called a slam dunk by critics online (and online critics hate everything!).
- Alter Eco Deep Dark Quinoa Crunch is also GMO-free, which means that it doesn't use any genetically modified ingredients in these puffy masterpieces.
- Éclat Chocolate Porcini & Thyme Bar takes another left turn as the 'porcini' in its name refers to the porcini mushroom, which definitely isn't a sweet fruit.
- The "put peppers in everything!" movement has reached the chocolate bar industry and the Chocolove XOXOX Chillies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate bar is the best and most delicious example of that.
- There are strange ingredients and then there's Dylan's Candy Bar Pizza Bar.

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